Monday, August 25, 2008

Restored Two Flat for Sale in Ravenswood Manor, Albany Park Area

Top floor: Three bedroom, one bath, dining room, living room, sun room, large kitchen, front terrace.
First floor: Two bedroom, one bath, dining room, sun room, large kitchen.
Kitchens and baths gutted and replaced in 2003.
Great patio, yard and two plus car garage.

Asking $499,900

I will have a restored two-flat coming on the market in the Ravenswood Manor, Albany Park neighborhoods. Because it is located near the intersection of Whipple and Leland, I use the two neighborhood names because the property is pretty much on the designated borders. But these things are a bit subjective. That said, you will have the best of both worlds in each neighborhood. You can also walk to the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Please call for a showing before it hits market after the holiday. We are prepping for photos and finishing a few details before open market. This is a move-in, owner quality building. Move right in and own a building, rent one unit and pay the same monthly as a two bedroom condo... no kidding.

Here is a list of some of the restorations and improvements:

Removed wood paneling and drop ceilings
Removed paint from woodwork

Removed paint and plaster from fireplaces
Restored original mantels

Removed ceilings and added insulation (50%)

Removed wall paper and repair/replace all walls, ceilings

Replaced all ceiling fans

Remodeled back porch add on (tile floor, drywall, speaker system).

Replace the roof (overlay)

Gut rehab of all kitchens and bathrooms

Replaced all but 5 remaining original windows with vinyl or wood replacements

Complete tear down and reconstruction of front porch and balcony (lentil replacement)

Replaced boiler
Added automated sprinkler system for plants

Re-sided garage
Replaced roof cap
Tuck-point (maintenance) of near-roof brick (parapet)

Added fencing to north side fence
Replaced back gate with taller wrought iron

Replaced wood ceiling underneath front porch

Refinished all wood floors

Rerouted phone lines on second floor

Added three wired DSL connections

Replaced all but three of the steam valves on radiators

Replaced several water valves in basement

All plumbing down to basement is new

Laid down stone in back yard

Fabricated and installed custom made oak door to balcony


Anonymous said...

Actually, the western most border of Ravenswood Manor is Sacremento. So this two-flat is really just in Albany Park. Nice try, though.

Eric Rojas said...

Well there "anonymous", if you read the title and post, I never infer it's in lovely Ravenswood Manor, but in in the area of the two neighborhoods.

As well, Sacramento is a whole half block east of Whipple, so almost on the border seems about right.
Neighborhood borders, officially drawn or not drawn, are subjective.
At least I didn't call it "Albany Manor" which I have seen!

Besides, I'm pointing out the neighborhoods you would enjoy when living here, so there's my "nice try". See you there tonight when I show the building!