Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chicago Bungalow Rehab 3

It's on. My partner John and I began the planning stage of the rehab. We took an inventory of the work we will do and discussed initial floorplan changes we'll make.

We'll have to be creative with the second floor, kitchen and master suite (that we'll create). One of the advantages to this home, and what made me believe it was a great rehab prospect, is the large main floor bedrooms. This is rare for typical Chicago bungalows. Many bungalows have two small main floor bedrooms, maybe 12X10 each, with no closets! We'll have walk ins!

Jillian stopped over and put her two cents in. She already wants to move in when we're done (we won't)... she was very encouraging. If she ran away screeming it would be a long few months. All and all, a great home to work with.

In the next week, we will be taking bids for the work we'll contract out. We figure the roof, windows, electrical and plumbing. We'll handle the demo, baths, kitchen, floors, drywalls/walls, painting, and odds and ends.

I'd like to thank my friend Chuck Good, who, brought our attention to the home and trusts our judgement in the rehab and eventual sale.

More later, more details... it's late... open house and clients all weekend... what weekend?

Part 2

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