Thursday, November 16, 2006

Craigslist real estate lawsuit tossed out

Chicagoist weighs in on the recent drubbing of a lawsuit brought against Craigslist content. The suit claimed discriminatory rental ads posted by users made craiglist liable.

As a Realtor, I post 3 to 4 craigslist ads a week, including my listings and open house appearances/performances (I was acting! Thank you!).

As a licensed Realtor in Illinois, I have to follow fair housing laws and other legal requirements when advertising property in any format. When posting on craigslist, there is a huge warning to postmeisters (my word) to follow fair housing rules.

Anywho… idiots will be idiots and post things that shouldn’t be. We must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water… i.e don’t kill the craigslist.

I often train our agents on internet marketing and stress that they understand the federal laws (and our own regulation in Illinois) advertising content.

This is an important area for all of us, consumers, advertisers, consultants, and content writers to watch. Craigslist is so simple, yet a “do gooder” group tries to protect us in a totally self policed community… not cool.

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