Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Searching Chicago Properties

I mentioned in an earlier post that many clients and consumers have turned up the heat in their property searches this week. I think people are realizing that prices are pretty stable, interest rates are low, and that the winter is statistically a cheap time to buy. There are also many who wish to close before the tax year ends.

There are many, many properties for sale in the Chicagoland area. There are also many more desirable places to live around Chicago. I find many of my clients who are ready to make a purchase often feel anxiety... did they see everything and is there a better deal out there?

How do I help this process? By covering the bases.

My relationship with clients begins in many ways; with a conversation at an open house, with Internet communications, a phone call to the office, by referral, or with my appearances at commerce and academic gatherings. No matter how I met my clients or potential clients, the next step always involves identifying viable options for the client/consumer.

First, I provide property searches personally on the Multiple Listing Service. I may also set up a daily automated search for clients who wish this. This is the most up to date and accurate information available. No web site can beat this member information. It is manged by real estate professionals to market and sell real estate... this takes big money and we demand the best for it!

Secondly, I will draw on my brokergae inventory, past experience and fellow agents on our team to point out opportunities. Many of these opportunities are insider info. and off-market situations.

Third, I scan unrepresented seller sites, craigslist and foreclosure lists. These opportunities, I believe, make it even more important to have a professional represent your search and transaction. They are very time consuming avenues due to the inexperience of the sellers and lack of good information. I mean, have you ever read some of the craigslist ads? What are they hiding? No pictures, no info! However, I do this every day, so these areas present opportunity for a good deal if one knows how to find them and put it together.

How my clients communicate with me during the search is another story. Each person has different needs... I'm flexible. Emails, weekend trips, evenings, days, phone calls, research, gunslinging, caution... whatever it takes.

In short, when it comes to your search; while your at work, I'm at work for you.

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