Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Real Estate and the holidays

Last week, I sent a whole bunch of emails out to clients and prospects who I have met this year. The mailing was an update concerning schedules during the holidays. It also included a couple links to reviews of my blog and information concerning my open house schedule.

Basically, I'm working. However, in the real estate sales industry, there are no clear cut rules concerning hours of work... personally or for the Realtors, brokerages, sales people and industry as a whole.

Many listing agents are just plain gone, taking the time off over the holiday. There are very few, if any, open houses following this week's Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately, it makes it difficult for those who are available to show properties for clients to get into the good stuff.

This year, I'm available to search properties on the Internet and answer questions for my clients. We've all discussed our schedule before hand to see who will need what. But even I have succumbed to not hosting open houses this weekend or attempting to show properties (as of Wednesday anyway).

This year, and next, I will follow the unwritten laws of the real estate market and slow it down a little during holidays. Maybe get some things done around the house... oh and there is a rehab home that needs attention. I'm working.

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