Friday, November 03, 2006

Reese Hospital sale sparks development talk

Reese sale bid poses Olympics question

I'm all for the Olympics... but I'm even more for any development close to downtown. We need a "South Lakeview". Just imagine that... a day when we refer to North Lakeview and South Lakeview!

From the story above:

"The property, located between the burgeoning South Loop and Bronzeville neighborhoods, likely will be developed long before the Olympics, said one observer."I don't know that you'd want to put that on hold for 8 to 10 years while the Olympics occurred. That's probably not a good thing for the neighborhood," said urban planner Kim Goluska, president of Chicago Consultants Studio. "Bronzeville is probably Chicago's most dynamic developing neighborhood right now."

The problem retail/bars/restaurants. And retail usually follows the people by 5 to 10 years. There are tons of new construction options from 47th and north through Bronzville...but no retail options. It's like drive away from your home in the morning... drive back at night. Your not spending you dollars there. Maybe this redevelopment of the Reese campus will spark another movement there.

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