Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chicago Olympic Speculation

If I were a great blogger, I would certainly start a series on my favorite sport. Olympic Speculation. But I'm not a great blogger, I don't even have tags and categories yet (Blogger has not invited me for the Beta upgrade yet).

We here at T-CREL and Rubloff have already been playing this game. I mean... how cool would it be to bridge the whole area from West South Loop to Bridgeport to Hyde Park? West of McCormick mind you along Michigan Ave and surrounding. It's my dream of Lakeview South.

We've discussed how the Olympics would affect Bridgeport real estate, already on the up and up... Chinatown? Bronzeville of course. It is clear that a major change will one day hit that area west of McCormick. Will it take the Olympics?

So play along. Good discussion at Yo Chicago with actual intelligent commentary. A few of the contributers and commentators really know the inside scoop.

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