Monday, November 13, 2006

Too Many Realtors?

I usually don't comment on industry insider news on this blog. However, the Mary Umberger reports on one real estate trade association that suggests some members think about a "career adjustment".

Too many Realtors for the business out there? The point of the article and commentary by the up-and-ups of the trade association is the unprofessionalism and lack of skill displayed by those who do the real estate thing part time. I agree with this angle.

But, its not up to the trade associations or the Realtors to decide... its up to the consumer. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out if your Realtor is a full timer or has the experience to get the job done. Even if they are new (but a full timer) ask how they will represent you in your search and transaction. If the answer is unsatisfactory, find another Realtor. According to the story above, there are plenty out there. Just make sure they are full time and know what they are doing. I don't buy the part-timer thing. They are busy with other things rather than previewing properties, networking for off market properties ... and too busy to attend important appointments with you or for you.

Look, I hear from my friends and clients about their past experiences with Realtors. They range from great to ridiculous. The ridiculous have terrible client service skills and have no clue how to quarterback a deal. To avoid this, just ask some questions... most likely they will handle the search and transaction as well as they handle your conversation. So... run away and email me!

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