Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New York Times: Preservationists in Chicago Fear Losing Ground to Condos

Nice to see the Big Apple concerned about our quaint Chicago neighborhood issues. Development v. preservation. I think they're jealous due to all the dumps you have to survive while living there... say... in Hell's Kitchen. And that's a gentrified neighborhood! Gorgeous photo featured in the online story above. Makes you want to live here.

I guess my take on this is simple. It's not that the old frame fire trap was torn down (sold by the rightful owner to boot). But the problem is the ugly that goes up much of the time. I't like 1970 East Berlin suave in white cinderblock masked by red brick. I like the fact that sharp, comfortable 3 and 4 flats rise up and invite the re-population of the city. If they were more beautiful, more of the time... would people still complain?

Or are people upset because their (or not even their) neighborhood has changed?

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