Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowmageddon 2006: Will Chicago dig out?

On the eve of Snowmageddon 2006, I sit before my computer monitor and wish all the fine citizens of Chicago God speed. If reports from the radio, T.V., the Chicago Association of Realtors (which may.. gasp!.. may close offices tomorrow), and most importantly, my neighbors, are correct... we will not make it through the morning.

But don't worry... I'll be here at T-CREL HQ with my left over Y2K supplies in the basement (which consists of a can of Russian sardines and a flashlight covered in old battery acid). Call me if you must... search properties I will.

Photo of T-CREL HQ staff... Snowmageddon 2006

Check in tomorrow for HQ pics... if we make it.

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