Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blue light special okay with me

As reported by many outlets, and here by the Chicago Sun Times, the City will spend about $1M on new police surveillance cameras for high crime areas.

This time, hold the "blue light special". They will be more stealth, sleek and super cheap without the blue flashing light.

Photo source The Chicago Sun Times

Hiz Honor held court and answered a few questions today... and among many awesome sound bites on Denny Hastert, Congress, and other wise proclamations, he was really pumped about continuing the trend towards these cameras.

I Love this quote:

"Calling surveillance cameras the “next best thing” to a police officer on every corner, the mayor said he won’t stop installing cameras “until people feel very safe on every block. That’s all they want. They want to feel safe — in the alley, in front of their home.”


I like this idea. Ever take a client to an up-and- coming area, and hear, "What's that blue light for?". Gulp...

And I like the cameras in general. One London suburb even has guys at the other end of the camera who politely admonishes you, on the spot, through a loud speaker when you litter, ride your bike on the side walk, etc... And the numbskulls freak when they here the voice of "robo-dude" just as they are about to vandalize, steal or create a problem. Awesome.

Anyone who has lived across any Chicago Public School would kill for one of these... "You! Get out of that flower bed and pick up that pop can!"

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