Friday, October 13, 2006

CTA Closings: Washington Red Line stop to close for two years


You can usually find me on the Brown Line when taking the train.. but I do go downtown once in a while. The Red Line comes in handy. The grumbling concerning the Red Line delays has been... let's say more than grumbling.

That said, Chicagoist scoops the next such closing that may cause delays...

Any long time Chicagoans feel the trains are worse than in the past? Slower but safer? Hard to say. I'm from Chicago, but as a kid I road my bike alot. Plus, there is really no perspective when your a kid. Could have been the same I wouldn't have know it. Too busy thinking about the Cub game I was headed to. As I got older, I moved to the suburbs and drove all the time.

Came back to the city when I hit 20 and basically walked and drove. Now however, I can't seem to escape transit issues. Are we at a crossroads? What's the best way to get around this city?

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