Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Real estate news from around Chicago: College housing

Daley eyes more downtown dorms (ChicagoTribune.com)
Their has been a shortgage of college housing in recent years as enrollments have incresed nationally. This has been a teriffic investment opportunity for many. It also has, in my opinion, made for best use of delapidated apartment buildings and empty lots around the city. The story above focuses on downtown but another example is the increased enrollment at North Park University on the northwest side.

In my experience with the university over the last couple years (my wife received a masters from the school and we live near by), I've seen two courtyard buildings purchased and converted to student housing by North Park. They already own many of the buildings in the surrounding block. There has also been purchases by students (and their parents I assume) in market priced condo conversions near the school.

Local College Gives Free Ride To High Schoolers (CBS2Chicago.com)
More college cheer today...

And where there is college, there is coffee

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