Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Condo with No Kitchen

Just brought my clients to a condo earlier this week located in the South Loop... it has no kitchen. Of course we knew this going in. What a great opprtunity to customize.

It was even a better situation than I thought. The unit was a huge 1 bedroom, about 1100 sq ft, great windows and teriffic location. The area where the kitchen would go is completely empty, clean and dry-walled up... so really, there is little demolition, accept maybe moving certain walls. There is even electric already installed for an island area cook top.

This is where the deals are at... an unusual opprtunity to purchase an "unfinished space" for a low price... and then customize. They will end up paying market price in the end, but make the place thier own creation. I even have the contractors to do the job.

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