Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rich get shaft in Chicago McMansion Controversy

The continuing saga...

Timothy J. McNulty wrote in the Chicago Tribune a few days ago concerning the journalistic liberties taken in the Lincoln Park mansion rag (story) written in Tribune's Sunday Magazine

His point is the "slant" taken by the author's in the story and the "sources" they quoted to explain the reasons rich folk were building these "monsters" was disrespectful of the seemingly upstanding, be it affluent, owners. "Okay" no more "qoutation marks".

I was a bit put off by the story as well.

I wrote on these pages that, hey, do it if you can. And if you can, make it a modern sleek design. I must note however, I did feel for a neighbor they talked to about the construction... Years of home shaking construction! It would drive me nuts too. They did not sell, however, and apparnetly like where they are. But one agonized owner suggested he has no place to go if he sells... when the lots are selling for $1M to $1.5M... I bet I could find him a nice place to go in this city.

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