Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What to bring to closing

I've gotten this question the most lately... we are in the final week before closing, "What do I bring to closing?" or simply, "what do I do now?"

In most cases, you have worked with your Realtor, who in turn has referred a mortgage broker and attorney. This team should have all the I's crossed and t's dotted... well, you know. As the Realtor during the last week, I'll make sure that all the inspection items we agreed on have been taken care of. I will also bring any last walk through issues to the table.

You? You will get a call from the attorney's office the day before or the morning of closing. They will let you know your settlement costs. These costs should be pretty close to your mortgage brokers "good faith estimate" given to you. The quotes are for emphasis, not sarcasm... although I do have a personal mortgage broker story for another time (learn from my mistakes).

So, stop by your bank (I'll drive) and make a cashier's check out to you. Oh, and bring your checkbook to the table just in case all the numbers don't match up. Settlement will be determined at the table my your trusted attorney... most of the time the numbers are correct or only slightly off.

Oh, and one more thing I bring... the wine.

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