Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chicago Real Estate, Retail and Transit news of interest

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Busy, busy last few days! We had a friend in town, along with his 2 and-a- half year old son, stay with us... good practice for the near future. Can you make a throw cover for your entire home? But, I've been keeping my eye on several stories...

New Metra Station Planned for Sox Park (
Metra plans rail stop near Sox Park (
Now your talkin'. I think I just heard some of my clients home values go up.

Wal-Mart takes aim at South Side supercenters (Chicago Sun Times)
Look, does anyone really see a problem with this? Status quo must go in blighted neighborhoods... maybe this is the start of development. Wal-Mart is too big a prize for much of the public for local hacks to control. I'm no fan of shopping at Wal-Mart and wonder about the purchasing deals they have with China... but at the same time, our econmy has been heading this way for years. Give the underdeveloped neighborhoods a fighting chance with safe schools and a job to teach them basic skills to move up.

La Salle Chasing #1 spot (
Banking is BIG in Chicago

Children's Museum Orphaned (sort of) (

Group Names Local Endangered "Landmarks"

Oh Baby! (

Good story on the ins and outs of timing your move when planning to have kids (or already have a baby). My wife and I are in the "Stay Put" catagorey until Mini-Me is up and running.

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