Saturday, October 21, 2006

NIMBY and other stories that effect your real estate value

Neighbors fight to evict adult-themed store (

Not in my backyard. There is a great statment in the story that some neighbors suggest the "Pleasure Chest" adult store has "changed the neighborhood" (Lincoln and Newport). GBTTS I say (Go back to the suburbs). I've been by this store many, many times (outside of course) and never noticed it... until these stories came to light. Then I went out of my way (for research purposes) to see what the fuss was about. My wife and I walked past after dinner at Fresca on Lincoln and Roscoe... very unassuming store. There are also several liquor stores and bars nearby (one in the same strip mall I think)... which do you think creates more problems for the "neighborhood"? High end adult toys or low end malt liquor?

Cobb your enthusiasm (Chicagoist)
Tree building hugger? Chicago's watchlist of building that should be saved...

Paying too much for housing/transportation? (
Story above points out some studies on housing and transportaion costs around Chicago. I read an earlier study that named Chicagoans as the third highest nationally in percentage of income paid out to sales tax and property tax combined. If you own a place and eat out... your probaly up-side -down!

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